Industrial and Commercial Fragrances - Fine Perfumes & Colognes - Odour Control - Laboratory Analysis and Reproduction

1001 Fragrances Universelles Inc.

1001 Fragrances
Industrial Fragrances and Fine Perfumes
1001 Fragrances Universelles
We are a leading producer of fragrances
we are located in Brossard
 Montréal Québec Canada 
we can create or replicate any
 Custom Fragrances & Fine Perfumes 
              for all your business needs
We have a technologically advanced laboratory equipped with the latest and most sophisticated instruments...
- colorimeter,
- gas chromatograph,
- mass spectrometer.
1) Quality control testing laboratory:
Conformity to the IFRA standards
Laboratory analysis for quality replication
2) Highly modern production plant:
Adapted to small and large volume order
Filtration system for high quality products
Always fast shipping
A senior perfumer at your service!
With over 20 years of experience in the industry,
who studied in Nice & coming from Grasse in France,
a city known as perfume capital of the world.
To help you create the fragrances needed for
your new & existing products.
To help you replicate fragrances which are already
used in various products.
by your current provider
We have the expertise and the technology
needed to analyse the material used
for the production of your
industrial and/or commercial fragrances
We have the ability to replicate your fragrances as well as offer you a quote!
All we need is a sample of your current commercial fragrances
We guarantee a fast and reliable
supply at a competitive price.
A variety of formats available,
Fast production and shipping,
Competitive pricing,
Exceptional customer service.
We have the ability to create new & existing fragrances that fit the needs
of your unique products
We have the ability to replicate the fragrances used in your production process
We recommend new fragrance concepts based on market trends
We also offer a variety of odour neutralising products
Several types of applications available for our fragrances:
Scented candles
Odour Control
Eau de Toilette
Fine Perfume
Cleaning Product
Hair Spray
And Much More...

Reproductions and Creations

industrial fragrances and Fine perfumes

For industrial and commercial applications, we offer services such as custom fragrances and fragrance reproduction, all done in our laboratory.

Production and Delivery

Quality products and impeccable service

We are able to meet your industrial and commercial needs. We guarantee fast and reliable supply delivery offered at a competitive price.