Industrial and Commercial Fragrances - Fine Perfumes & Colognes - Odour Control - Laboratory Analysis and Reproduction

1001 Fragrances Universelles Inc.

1001 Fragrances
Industrial Fragrances and Fine Perfumes

Industrial & Commercial Fragrances

Production of fragrances for applications such as industrial and/or commercial purposes.

Fine Perfumes & Colognes

Fine perfumes & colognes of prestige, designer & celebrity brands.

Reproduction of Fragrances & Fine Perfumes

Fragrance reproduction for industrial and/or commercial applications.

Senior Perfumer Custom Creations & Reproduction

To create the fragrances you need for your products, to reproduce the fragrances you already use in your production process.

Laboratory Analysis Custom Creations & Reproduction

We use technologically advances laboratory equipment in order to obtain more accurate fragrance reproductions and significantly reduce delivery time.

Customer Service An Experienced Team

In addition to our production plant, we now have a new technologically advanced laboratory located in the Brossard industrial district.